tear grants

he's definitely not an ordinary fonist

Tear Grants is a relatively calm and collected person who takes her duty as a soldier very seriously, though dealing with Luke usually seems to render her attempts to be cold and resolute useless. From the start, Jade sees Tear as a capable fighter, especially because of her ability to use Fonic Hymns. Tear is a stark contrast to the ignorant and reckless Luke, marking her as a useful ally in the game's early stages. Jade regards Tear as reliable and capable, although he does tease her like he does the rest of the party, mostly in terms of her dislike of ghost stories. He also picks up on her genuine affection for Luke as the game progresses, likely realizing that she had to be the most hurt out of everyone when Luke goes forth to free Lorelei.

guy cecil

it's impossible to tell what you're thinking

As an experienced swordsman and the second oldest member of the party, it seems as if Guy Cecil wouldn't be subject to Jade's mocking. But Guy suffers from gynophobia (a fear of women) and has a fanatic love of fontech, making him an easy target. Jade helps Anise and the other girls tease Guy and offers no help when the swordsman is cornered by amused girls in Baticul. He even goes so far to as to compare Guy to Dist because of his love of fon machinery. Guy also becomes responsible for giving explanations when Jade doesn't feel like it (which is to say, almost always). In addition, Jade picks up on Guy's knowledge of Malkuth and realizes that he is the son of Count Gardios of Hod before Guy reveals his identity to the party. In turn, Guy is usually the first to realize when Jade is fooling someone while the others don't seem to notice. Still, Guy is a powerful fighter and one of the more mature characters Jade has to deal with, probably making him a valuable member of the party from Jade's point of view.

natalia l.k. lanvaldear

why must you always say such horrible things?!

The princess of Kimlasca and heir to the throne, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear is compassionate, righteous, and strong-willed to an extreme. Her personality initially conflicts with Jade's in many ways; she sees him as cold and doesn't appreciate his dark humor and apparent lack of sympathy, and he finds her childish and a nuisance. When she first joins the party (by means of blackmail), the princess is not nearly as hardheaded and ignorant as Luke, but is similarly arrogant and haughty, to Jade's obvious dismay. Still, Natalia is a skilled archer and a valuable negotiator, so she becomes and integral part of the party. She matures a lot during the game, dealing with the realization that she is not of royal blood and viewing the horrors of not only warfare but the attempted destruction of the world. But Natalia remains an emotional and devoted person to the very end, and her dramatic state hinders the party at times. It even comes to the point where Jade has to slap some sense into her (literally) right before the final battle. Regardless, it seems as if Jade comes to think of Natalia as a worthy ally along with his other companions during the journey.

fon master ion

i was just...a little surprised

The leader of the Order of Lorelei, Fon Master Ion is remarkably mature for being only fourteen years old, though technically younger since he is revealed to be a replica. Jade treats Ion with a surprising amount of respect, probably a combination of reverence for his status as Fon Master and a tolerance for Ion's sincere personality. Ion, despite being a bit na´ve, is calm, kind and thoughtful, contrasting with Jade's other traveling companions of high status: Luke and Natalia. The Kimlascan royals are future world powers, but they initially have immature and brash personalities so their royal status doesn't exempt them from Jade's snide remarks. Jade tends to speak to Ion kindly and even looks out for his wellbeing. Despite being physically weak, Ion is (supposed to be) a powerful entity and an integral part of the peace process between Malkuth and Kimlasca, so Jade doesn't seem to see him as a burden.


m-m-m-m-m-me?! no! i don't taste any good!

Mieu is a cheagle: a sacred "beast" of the Order of Lorelei and ToA's requisite cute RPG mascot. The young cheagle ends up being bound to Luke after he saves the creature's life, and travels with the party to the very end of the game. I could probably sum up Jade and Mieu's relationship in two words, "emergency rations," but Mieu does have an important role in the game. He wears an item called the "Sorcerer's Ring" which allows him to utilize various powers, like shooting fire and floating. So despite being hyperactive and overly cheerful, Mieu is useful for traveling and quite adept at annoying the hell out of Luke, something that Jade enjoys. Jade also like to tell Mieu that he'll serve as backup food or a specimen for dissection, so for the Colonel, Mieu is a source of amusement more than anything.

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