dist the reaper

s-stop! stop! you're killing me!

While Dist would say that he and Jade were childhood friends, Jade would say Dist was an annoying pest. The two grew up together in Keterburg and studied under Professor Nebilim. As one of the God-Generals, Dist is a recurring enemy of the party, fighting them with various fontech robots. When Dist makes his first appearance, he vows to stop "that beastly Jade" (and is promptly ignored by the other God-Generals), but as the party runs into him over and over it's revealed that he has quite the obsession with Jade. Dist refers to the party as "the Jade gang" and Anise mentions that back in Daath, the Colonel was all that Dist talked about. He even waits for Jade dutifully in Keterburg after hiding the Flightstone, only to nearly freeze to death. Jade, on the other hand, finds Dist incredibly annoying and teases him ruthlessly. When Dist is apprehended in Keterburg, Jade leaves him screaming in pain after "questioning" him. Anise suggests that Dist must be a masochist because he follows Jade around despite the abuse; some sort of sick need for Jade's attention seems to be the reason for Dist's devotion.

However, Jade's dislike of Dist goes beyond mere annoyance. Fomicry research moved forward with Dist's fon machinery development and he and Jade were the ones to modify fomicry to employ only the seventh fonon, thus giving the God-General a thorough knowledge of the technology. Ignoring the ban on replication of living things, Dist ends up aiding Van with his replica project. Jade very strongly opposes the replication of living things, because of his mistakes in the past, and thus Dist's total disregard angers him. Furthermore, it's revealed that Dist is working as something of a double agent for Mohs and Van only to gain the replication data of his beloved instructor, Professor Nebilim. The death of Nebilim was caused by Jade, and the monster he subsequently created caused him to realize that replicas were not merely replacements. Dist was never able to comprehend that fact, and remained bent on reuniting with the professor. He even mistakes the powerful monster the party fights at Nebilim's Crag as his teacher, until she blasts him into unconsciousness. The Nebilim incident is one of the most regrettable moments in Jade's past, but Dist never seems to grasp the significance of that incident.

Still, Guy mentions that Jade hates Dist so much, "one might think you actually kind of loved him." Jade passes that idea off as "disgusting." Following Dist's apparent death at the Tower of Rem, Jade simply says the God-General was a "charming pet." Even after finding out his childhood acquaintance is alive, Jade tells him that the dust on the floor means more to him than Dist. So I'd assume that the dislike Jade holds is genuine, though the true answer is never stated.

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