the puppet master

colonel, don't be so nice... you're scaring me

One of the seemingly unlikely friendships within the game is the one between Anise Tatlin, the precocious 13 year old Fon Master Guard with an intense love of money, and our favorite Necromancer. We get our first brief glimpse of Anise and the Colonel aboard the Tartarus after Jade takes the wayward Luke and Tear captive. The landship is attacked by the Six God Generals, and in the commotion Anise falls out a window (while screaming "I'LL KILL YOU BASTARDS!"), but despite the fall, Jade insists that she's okay. Because? "She's Anise." From the start, we see that Jade has some degree of faith in Anise.

I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of Jade and Anise as a totally awesome sarcastic and clever comedy duo. Wooo? (Here's where I'll insert a shameless plug!) Despite only being 13, Anise is quite versed in the ways of the world. Even with her early desire to marry Luke, she and Jade are largely responsible for the greatest deal of teasing that our hero has to endure, usually done behind his back or over his head. Also, both Anise and Jade have an ability to see through the false faces that many characters in the game present. They seem to be able to pick up on things that others are oblivious to, like the relationship between Luke and Tear, or even Frings and Cecil. Anise also shows a strong resolve most of the time, something Jade calls, "admirable for such a little girl." So despite Anise's occasional silly behavior, Jade does treat her as an equal most of the time due to her ability in battle and general astuteness. Also, Anise actually looks up to Jade (evidenced by her constant exclamations of "Colonel, you're so cool!" during battle), and holds a belief that "he's a fun guy on the inside." But although both have a penchant for seeing through others' facades in addition to a talent for teasing, Anise still isn't safe from Jade's mocking. Like threats that she'll turn into a rapping from eating too much.

Even with their friendship of sorts, it's still important to note that Anise is still a child, and Jade realizes this. The two never share any particularly serious conversation... although, serious conversation and Jade don't exactly go well together. They both keep their pasts and mistakes private from each other, though they keep those facts private from the other party members as well. But regardless, the two have an definite friendship, even if it is a bit awkward. Most importantly, they have faith in each other.

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