O admonishing melody

I don't care about fate, miracles, faith...

Hello random visitor, and welcome to Catalyst (formally known as Element), a rather large and hopefully quite in-depth tribute to the cheerfully sinister, constantly sarcastic, and all around awesome Jade Curtiss of Namco's Tales of the Abyss. I can't say that analyzing a complex character like Jade is an easy task, but I've tried my best! This site stands to offer my stupid fangirling perspective on Jade and a large collection of information on and media relating to his character :). I hope you enjoy!
last update: 6.14.13 ; part of the last fencer network ; listed at: in the fade · emotion · amassment
Just to warn you, there are unmarked spoilers all over; I pretty much spoil the entire game in here. Also, I will be using the English version game canon only for the written content. Catalyst is part of the Last Fencer network and is run by Michelle. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments :). Finally, this site is best viewed with Firefox.

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